Get Risk Score

Returns the risk score, risk detail list for a given address or transaction hash.

Note: This API calculates the risk score based on all transactions related to the address in question. Therefore, all tokens owned by the address will receive the same score.
   &txid={txn hash}

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Query Parameters




the coin to check for risk score, all optional values can be found here



the address to check for risk score, one of address and txid must be passed.



the transaction hash to check for risk score, one of address and txid must be passed.



your api key

Risk Descriptions For detail_list

Risk ItemRisk Description

Malicious Address

Address directly involved in malicious events, Example: DeFi protocol exploiters, centralized exchange hackers, sanctioned addresses, etc.

Suspected Malicious Address

Address associated with malicious events

High-risk Tag Address

High-risk entity address, Example: Mixers, some nested exchanges, etc.

Medium-risk Tag Address

Medium-risk entity address, Example: Gambling, exchanges not requiring KYC, etc.


Mixer entity address, Example: Tornado Cash, etc.

Sanctioned Entity

Sanctioned entity address, Example: garantex, etc.

Risk Exchange

Exchanges that do not require KYC


Gambling entity address

Involved Theft Activity

Address involved in theft events

Involved Ransom Activity

Address involved in ransom events

Involved Phishing Activity

Address involved in phishing events

Interact With Malicious Address

Interactions with malicious address

Interact With Suspected Malicious Address

Interactions with suspected malicious address

Interact With High-risk Tag Address

Interactions with high-risk address

Interact With Medium-risk Tag Addresses

Interactions with medium-risk address

Risk Level Guide

Risk LevelRisk ScoreSuggested Operations


91 ~ 100

Prohit withdrawals & trade, and report address immediately


71 ~ 90

Maintain high level surveillance, and analyze via MistTrack AML platform or OpenAPI to conduct transaction analysis


31 ~ 70

Moderate supervision required


0 ~ 30

Minimal supervision required

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