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AML Risk Score

The AML risk score is a score assigned to an address owner by analyzing its historical transaction data against SlowMist's database of malicious wallets. If an address belongs to a high-risk entity, such as a mixer, or if it received cash from it, it will be assigned a high risk score. Any confirmed addresses involved in illicit activities such as extortion, theft, phishing, and/or fraud are automatically marked as risky in SlowMist’s database. In other words, you can analyze the risks associated with each wallet address like a professional compliance officer and determine if the wallet address contains illegal funds.

Address Labels

Our address labels are able to identify the entity behind it, such as Coinbase or Binance. It can also identify several on-chain and off-chain tags, such as ENS, MEV Bots, DeFi Whales, as well as the type of wallet that’s being used, such as imToken/ or MetaMask. Users can gain a better understanding of the address in question through the use of our Address Label tool.

Transaction Analysis

Standard blockchain explorers are arduous and not very intuitive. Users have to examine the details of each transaction one at a time using these block explorers. MistTrack simplifies the process by analyzing all past transactions associated with the address and compiles all its data in a way that's easy to understand. This allows us to create behavioral profiles of the targeted address within our platform. Simultaneously, the system performs a segmented analysis of all signed transactions associated with the addresses. Transactions on an address are also classified according to the time of signature, providing users with insight on time zones and active time periods.

Favorites & Monitoring

Users have the ability to favorite and collect relevant information from addresses using our Favorites and Monitoring feature. All information is kept private and is only accessible by the user. Users may also add the addresses of crypto whales and KOL to monitor their on-chain activities, observe their most recent transactions in real-time, and track their investments. All notifications are stored indefinitely and can be viewed or downloaded at any time.


The system displays a graph that shows how all incoming and outgoing transactions for the address are related to each other. Data can be filtered and sorted directly from the graph and pertinent information can be monitored.

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